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"Literacy is more than the ability to read and write. It's the ability to understand and use a wide range of materials to engage fully in activities and opportunities at home, at work, and in the community. Literacy enables people to meet their goals and succeed in today's world."

*United for Literacy 2022 Adult Literacy Report

Impact of Literacy

Literacy impacts people in many different ways and each story is unique. Here you will find stories about adult learners in CBAL literacy programs. Whether the stories are written or spoken, these personal stories provide valuable insight into why people attend programs and how it has impacted their lives. We would like to thank all participants for sharing their stories and for being champions for literacy!

Case Study_Roseleeta

Roseleeta's Digital Journey

"I started with One-to-One Digital Learning which worked best for me. We all learn differently, some people like reading books, but for me having the practical sessions, to see it and try it myself was a much easier way to learn."

Read Roseleeta's full story here!


Mary and Gordon Bruce 

Learning never ends! Mary and Gordon explain how literacy has impacted their lives and opened doors to new possibilities. Watch their video now!




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Literacy skills can help you:

  • Communicate

    with others.

  • Adapt

    to changes. 

  • Achieve

    personal goals.

  • Advocate

    for yourself and others. 

  • Connect

    with the world around you. 

Last year CBAL Supported 

Adults and seniors in literacy programs
Communities across the Columbia Basin and Boundary

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