Family Programs

Literacy programs for families aim to help parents and caregivers to support children's literacy development. Literacy starts with families!

Family Literacy

Family literacy refers to the natural, everyday learning that occurs within families. From reading a favourite book to writing a grocery list, cooking together, and playing games, literacy skills are fostered through important interactions that begin in the home.

Our free family literacy programs aim to add to this learning by providing engaging and fun learning opportunities for children and their parents and caregivers. By increasing the literacy skills of families, and supporting the creation of a rich of learning environment at home, we are strengthening the literacy foundation which will help children with their future learning.

Our Programs and Services

Our free programs and services are open to all community members! We partner with schools, colleges, libraries, senior centres, community agencies and other local service providers to create meaningful learning opportunities.

All 16 CBAL offices offer a variety of family literacy programs designed for learners of all ages. As our organization aims to offer programs that meet local needs, programming across the region will vary.

Check out the community closest to you to see what programs are happening!

What do participants say about our programs?

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Griffin Reading
Family Programs

Baby Goose

"I appreciate the opportunity to connect with other families outside my circle. I have loved taking part in Baby Goose and feel fortunate it is available in our small community. It has been an incredible way to meet and connect with other moms."

Come Read with Me

"This was informative with some very easy to apply strategies & techniques for helping my child to become a more confident reader. It offered practical ways of maximizing my child’s strengths, provide validation & offer learning opportunities."

Alphabet Soup

"Thank you so much for the cookbook. What a great experience, I am so thankful to have had that opportunity to expand my son's cooking skills and make some new friends."