Our Communities

Our teams of dedicated literacy practitioners are committed to literacy and lifelong learning!

Our Communities

Our 16 Community Literacy Outreach Coordinators, serving 77 communities in the Columbia Basin and  Boundary Region, work collaboratively to design programs to meet specific, local needs.

Seniors, adults, children, youth and families in our literacy programs gain confidence as they work to improve their English, writing, reading, numeracy, computer and workplace skills.

We partner with community organizations to develop, promote, and deliver services to help citizens of all ages gain important literacy skills and engage in life-long learning.

Contact your Community Literacy Outreach Coordinator to find out about programs being offered in your community.

No matter where you are in your learning journey, CBAL can help!


Our work is funded through a variety of local, regional, provincial and federal grants. These funders provide CBAL with the necessary resources to achieve great things.  We acknowledge the support of the Province of BC and would like to thank the following funders for their continued support of CBAL and community literacy.