Child & Youth Programs

Literacy programs for children and youth help to build skills, and confidence too!

Child and Youth Literacy

Literacy programs for children and youth aim to strengthen and enhance existing skills and help participants gain important skills for school and life. Young people have an amazing capacity to learn, grow and adapt; positive learning experiences have long-lasting impact.

Elevating literacy skills helps develop confidence and self-esteem, and it opens the doors to new opportunities. Learning is a journey and no matter where you are in it, CBAL can help!

Our Programs and Services

Our free programs and services are open to all community members! We partner with schools, colleges, libraries, senior centres, community agencies and other local service providers to create meaningful learning opportunities.

All 16 CBAL offices offer a variety of literacy programs and services designed for learners of all ages.  Each CBAL community has different literacy needs and our programming is tailored to reflect that.

Check out the community closest to you to see what programs and services are available!

What do participants say about our programs?

Spring 2013 042

One to One Tutoring

"Students in the program are significantly more confident readers thanks to this program and the wonderful volunteers.”

Guys Read

The participants find the facilitator to be very inspiring and proof that you can overcome obstacles! They also get inspired to read as someone they really look up to is promoting it.” 

Afterschool Club

"The club gave participants a place to belong."